Our Procedure

Procedures performed fall into two basic categories each comprising nearly 50% of our work. The first is hair transplant surgery for new patients. The second is corrective surgery for patients of other physicians or those who used previous methods and were not satisfied with the results. A small amount of our work consists of reconstructive surgery of the eyebrows and face where damage may have occurred due to various reasons.


1. Restoring Natural Hair for Men and Women
2. Corrective Surgeries for Improper Transplants Performed Elsewhere
3.Corrective Surgeries for Restoring Post-facial Surgery, Sideburns, Frontal Hairline and Eyebrows
4. Follicular Extraction technique for Smaller Surgeries
5.Corrective Surgery for Trauma and Burn Patients
6.Single Hair Feathering Technique for Thinning Hair
7.Surgery for Eyelashes
8.All our procedures are done with Coronal Angle Grafting "CAG"


Like a work of art, your hair frames your face. It is unique to your individual facial structure. In fact, hair is such a vital component of your physical appearance that any premature hair loss can be extremely stressful. Your appearance shapes your social attitudes and those of others towards you. Sociological studies have demonstrated that attractive people are perceived and treated more favorably. Negative psychological effects are caused by the unavoidable physical condition of hair loss. The hair on your scalp is genetically programmed. Hair loss genes are passed from parent to child. At puberty in males (or menopause in women), hormone levels change dramatically. This affects the genetically non-permanent hair making hair loss inevitable. Hair loss is caused by genetic and hormonal factors, not by hats, shampoos, hair coloring, overuse of blow dryers, etc. It is a wholly natural process.


Our goal in your first transplantation procedures is to restore symmetry, harmony and proportion to your face. One of HTI Islamabad's guiding principles is that the first surgery should never leave a patient in need of additional surgeries. In other words, if you never received another hair transplant you should still look great for life. Upon arrival you will be given a consultation with Hair Transplant Consultant. During that time the consultant will answer any of your questions regarding hair surgery. We will discuss your expectations and show you "before" and "after" photos of actual patients. One great source of pride to HTI Islamabad is the number of patients who are willing to allow us to use their names and likenesses to promote further surgeries. Our work is so outstanding that we have many, many success stories of people's lives that have been completely changed for the better. Once we have discussed the generalities of hair surgery we begin to focus on your unique situation. Using printed illustrations we will design a new hairline specifically for your face. Using three-dimensional mirrors, video imaging and computerized analysis we can show you the transformation you will undergo. Once you are completely satisfied, we can schedule the earliest, most convenient time for your surgery.

The Importance Of Artistically Designing Your Hairline

A made-to-measure, custom-tailored suit is destined to fit you better than any mass-produced clothing. At HTI Islamabad, we take the same approach with your hair transplant as a custom tailor would in producing elegant dinner attire. Nothing can surpass the subtle refinements of a hair replacement contoured just for you. To bring out the best features of your face, we combine precision technology with art, skill and a sense of style. Our goal is to replenish your spirit along with your hair - to restore more than a youthful appearance - to restore your self-confidence, security and peace of mind. All in tune with your active lifestyle. With past methods one might have been self conscious about participating in athletics or vigorous activities. Because our hair transplantation method restores your own natural, growing hair, no one will ever notice anything unusual about your hair

Our Investment In Research

One might assume that the natural-looking, virtually undetectable hair transplants HTI Islamabad performs would require an extended series of time-consuming visits. Quite often, only one brief surgical procedure may be required in order to please even the most demanding, the most discerning and the most discriminating eyes of all, yours. We have the power to turn back the hands of time to restore a more youthful appearance and rebuild lost confidence. This combination of technical expertise and artistic realization was not born overnight. Painstakingly cultivated over years of research, we invested the time to develop our precision methods. You benefit from our passion and drive. You could look in the mirror and feel proud, vigorous, more handsome and better about yourself in general because we have met the challenge. Read about the HISTORY of hair transplantation to understand the contrast with our methods.

Locating Proper Donor Hair Is Vital To Success

The location and density of your donor hair is vitally important for successful hair transplantation. We avoid using donor hair taken from the lower part of the neck. It can produce unsightly scars due to neck movement during the healing process. At HTI Islamabad, donor hair is selected from the center of the back of the head. Finer hair for hairlines are present at both ends of the harvested donor strip.

Corrective Surgery Of Sideburns

For those who have undergone face lifts they often find their sideburns have been distorted. We offer our single hair feathering technique to create sideburns which result in a revitalized natural appearance.

Corrective Surgery Of Eyebrows

Men and women who have suffered with missing eyebrows can have them restored easily using our techniques.

Surgery For Thinning Hair

Adults who become concerned about thinning now have a fine alternative. Previously, surgeons could not restore hairs in thinning areas since the area was not truly bald, and anything they did would affect the healthy, neighboring hair. Now, HTI Islamabad can use the single hair feathering method to fill in those spaces without injuring any other hair. The final results return the patient to a time when there appeared to be no hair loss at all.

Fast, Easy Recovery

After your HTI Islamabad hair transplant procedure, without bleeding or bandages you can return home unassisted, or return to work immediately. Some patients do return to work the same day. The procedure is that non-invasive. Patients who arrive for surgery by air can fly home later that same day if they wish. The transplanted area heals within a few days. Transplanted hair, in most patients, goes into a resting phase for a few weeks. Once it resumes growth, hair transplanted by the HTI Islamabad method continues to grow for a lifetime.