Hair Loss Causes


For most men who are losing their hair before they’d like to, the answer is genetic. Hair loss, like eye color, is an inherited trait. While you were still forming in the womb, your hair follicles were being genetically coded.
If genes responsible for hair loss were present, they
made the hair follicles on top of your head sensitive to the hormone dihydro testosterone, or DHT. These follicles were then predisposed to begin shrinking.

When you reached adulthood. Unfortunately, once this genetic process begins, it will continue throughout your lifetime.

As the hairs produced by your ever-shrinking follicles become finer and finer, they will begin failing to grow to normal length. And what is first noticed as “thinning hair” or a “receding hairline” progresses to baldness when the shrinking follicles finally stop producing any hair at all.

For many years our schools have taught quite erroneously that hair loss is always inherited from the mother’s father. Medical science now knows that baldness genes are passed down from both sides of the family. They also can skip generations, and are utterly random in terms of which siblings they will affect; it is quite common for a man keep a full head of hair while his brother goes bald in his twenties

Procedures performed fall into two basic categories each comprising nearly 50% of our work. The first is hair transplant surgery for new patients. The second is corrective surgery for patients of other physicians or those who used previous methods and were not satisfied with the results. A small amount of our work consists of reconstructive surgery of the eyebrows and face where damage may have occurred due to various reasons

Restoring Natural Hair for Men and Women

Corrective Surgeries For Improper Transplants Performed Elsewhere

Corrective Surgeries For Restoring Post-facial Surgery, Sideburns, Frontal Hairline and Eyebrows

Follicular Extraction technique for Smaller surgeries

Corrective Surgery For Trauma And Burn Patients

Single Hair Feathering Technique For Thinning Hair

Surgery For Eyelashes

All our procedures are done with Coronal Angle Grafting “CAG”

Contrary to common belief, hair loss is not caused by a failure to take good care of your hair. Consumers waste millions of dollars on shampoos and phony, non-FDA approved treatments. (Only two medications, Rogaine and Propecia, have ever been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss.) We have counseled too many men who held themselves responsible for their hair loss. It is important to understand that with very few exceptions our hair follicles are going to live or die by their genetic coding and nothing else.
Medical science is still searching for a complete understanding of the biochemical processes that occur within our hair follicles. Click here to learn more about the science behind hair loss and what you can do about it