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H.T.I. Islamabad is a world renowned surgery center specializing in the complete restoration of natural growing hair to previously bald or thinning areas. We are preeminently qualified beyond any competition to perform these procedures not only due to our skill and technical expertise but also implements the procedures used today worldwide.
Trust your care to the finest service available in its field. H.T.I. Islamabad has been called the best hair transplant surgery center operating in the world today by other hair transplant surgeons who have relied on H.T.I. Islamabad’s services for their own hair restoration. We welcome you to try our free digital imaging and consulting services. You will definitely like the results, we guarantee it.


Hair Transplant Types in HTI Islamabad

Back Scar

HTI makes the harvesting of hair transplant grafts very efficient and, in most cases, makes the donor sites extremely difficult to detect, along with ESHRS Dr. Humayun Has given lectures on the same in Orlando Live Surgery Workshop (USA) in 2008 which is published in their Transplant International Form Vol.18 page 14 no4-July/Aug 2008

Beard Reconstruction

Follicular unit transplantation has made beard and mustache reconstruction viable. Men with naturally scant or light beards who desire better coverage, or those whose beards have been damaged by accident or disease, can have follicular unit grafts placed in the area.

Temporal Peak

Creation of temporal peak is vital to frame the face Dr.Humayun,s lecture and paper on creation of the Natural Looking Temporal Peaks, received the best Technique Award during I.S.H.R.S Annual Scientific meeting 2006, San Diego,USA.He uses special technique that gives a natural curl to the Hair as shown in picture.

Mustaches Repair

A mustache transplant can also be an excellent way to subdue the appearance of scarring or trauma to the upper lip. In many cases Dr. Humayun Mohmand can minimize the effect of scarring by extracting portions of the effected tissue and re-aligning the hairs in the region to make the existing damage less evident.The lecture on this subject was first delivered by Dr.Humayun at I.S.H.R.S annual meeting 2002 Chicago.

Front Temporal Angle

When it comes to “Naturalness in hair transplantation Dr. Humayun’s Hair Transplant Institute is one of the top centers in the World giving the right Front Temporal Angle not only creates naturalness but also gives better illustration with less quality.

Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Institute

H.T.I. Islamabad do all follicular units which are all 1 or 2 hair grafts. Some groups do mini and micro grafts which are 1-4 hair grafts placed into a slit. We cut all our grafts under a magnification. This preserves the follicular unit. Then we mix 1-4 hairs in different shaped openings some slits contain 2-3 hairs, some singles that contain 1 hair and some slots which contain 4-5 hairs depending on the donor area. This allows us to place the hairs closer together while preventing compression that you see with larger slit grafts.

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