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Hair Transplant Institute

H.T.I. Islamabad do all follicular units which are all 1 or 2 hair grafts. Some groups do mini and micro grafts which are 1-4 hair grafts placed into a slit. We cut all our grafts under a magnification. This preserves the follicular unit. Then we mix 1-4 hairs in different shaped openings some slits contain 2-3 hairs, some singles that contain 1 hair and some slots which contain 4-5 hairs depending on the donor area. This allows us to place the hairs closer together while preventing compression that you see with larger slit transplant pakistan

Dr. Humayun Mohmand is a Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair Restorative Surgeon, Certified by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He has taken the Hair Restoration surgery to a new dimension by performing a mega session of 4000 F.U. and above, even on Asian
H.T.I. Islamabad is a world renowned surgery centre specializing in the complete restoration of natural growing hair to previously bald or thinning areas. We are preeminently qualified beyond any competition to perform these procedures not only due to our skill and technical expertise but also implements the procedures used today transplant pakistan

TRUST your care to the finest service available in its field. H.T.I. Islamabad has been called the best hair transplant surgery center operating in the world today by other hair transplant surgeons who have relied on H.T.I. Islamabad’s services for their own hair restoration. We welcome you to try our free digital imaging and consulting services. You will definitely like the results, we guarantee tr

 Quotation : “A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine”.

Hair Transplant

 Back Scar, Mustaches Repair, Beard Reconstruction, Temporal Peak, Fronto Temporal Angle

Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Face Lift, Filler Injection, Laser Hair Removal, Lipo Suction

Nose Surgery

 Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures, Enlarged Turbinates, Nasal Polyps, Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures

Ear Surgery


Myringotomy, Tympanoplasty,  Cochlear implants, Ear surgery for tumors, Ear surgery for congenital ear defects.

Facial Wrinkles

Face Lifts, Brows Lift, Botox (Injection of Botulinum Toxin), Lips Wrinkles 

Face Lift

 The SMAS Lift, Short Scar Lifts, Endoscopic Facelift, The Midface or Cheek Lift, Stem Cell Facelift, The Thread Lift


There are two main departments in H.T.I Islamabad. Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery. In Hair Transplant we deal in Back Scar, Mustaches Repair, Beard Reconstruction, Temporal Peak, Fronto Temporal Angle. H.T.I. Islamabad is a world renowned surgery center specializing in the complete restoration of natural growing hair to previously bald or thinning areas. Secondly in Plastic and reconstructive surgery, we deal in surgery of nose, surgery of ears, surgery of eye lid, filler injection, facial wrinkles, breast augment, breast reduction, abdomen, laser hair removal, lipo suction and face lift. 

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How many grafts will i need ?

The number of grafts depends on the person. Most of the patients need range from 675 to 3,500 grafts. If a patient needs more than 2,500 grafts in one procedure the surgeon will make the judgment by examining the scalp and its laxity. If the scalp is very tight, as in the African and Chinese races, then performing more than 2,500 grafts might put a stretch on the donor area that can lead to delay in healing and scarring. This should most likely be avoided. Caucasians, Asians, however, can receive up to 3,000 grafts without putting a strain on the donor area. In FUE the viable donor area is detached, which is permanent zone and then number of grafts are detached to have as per need. Mostly can range from 1500- to 3500 grafts per person.

Is this procedure painful?

At H.T.I. Islamabad, the hair transplant procedure is virtually painless. Due to use of Expansion Technique (Poster presentation at ISHRS-USA) many of the discomforts associated with a hair transplant procedure of the past have been eliminated. The Expansion Technique involves injecting saline into the donor area resulting in a raised area. This keeps the surgery site away from the neurovascular plane underneath.

How long does it take before the hair starts to grow?

After the transplant procedure most of the transplanted hair goes through a healing phase of 2 half months. After the initial 2 half months the hair starts growing at the same rate as your non-transplanted hair. The average rate of growth is half an inch per month.

Will I lose any more of my hair?

As we grow older the balding process gradually slows down. If we start losing hair at a younger age the balding process is usually very fast. If we start losing hair after our fifties then the process is usually slow. Fortunately, the science and art of hair transplant procedures is so advanced, that we can restore the bald area naturally, permanently and can slow down losing remaining hair with the help of medical therapies available today.

What percent of the grafts permanently root?

Almost every hair that is transplanted will grow. Scientific studies on our technique show that the H.T.I. Islamabad. Grafts have more than a 95% survival rate.

If I do lose more hair, will that affect my new transplanted hair?

The hair transplant procedure at H.T.I. Islamabad has been designed anticipating your natural future hair loss. One of H.T.I. Islamabad’s guiding principles is that the first surgery should never leave a patient in need of additional surgeries. In other words, if you never get another hair transplant procedure you should have the appearance of natural thinning hair due to future hair loss but still look great for life. Of course, those with severe hair loss would benefit from additional surgeries by further filling in these areas, but it is not necessary.

Will I have any scarring?

There is no scarring involved in the transplanted area. The donor area where follicular units are harvested is left with a very fine hair line scar. This fine line is usually completely undetectable even by someone trying to find it by lifting the hairs in that area. By FUE leaves very tiny, evenly slathered pity scar which are not visible within grade 1, trimming.

How do you create receptor sites?

The receptor sites are made with specialized micro blades beeping the view in the angles of exit and correlative of shift of different areas in the thick areas special micro blades are med to avoid damage to existing hour

How long does the procedure take?

It depends upon how many grafts are required. Usually patient needs 1500-3000g FUT Tabes (5 to 6 hour) and FUE Tabes 7-9 hours.

Will the back of my head look different after removing the strip/FUE?

The back of your head looks the same after removing the donor strip. We take advantage of the natural laxity of the scalp. The donor hair is usually selected from the center of the back of the head. In addition, we use density meter that enables us to evaluate the quality and density of potential donor hair. If selected from the wrong place, the donor area will produce an unsightly scar. That is why we take such care to determine the optimal donor location on an individual basis. However while doing FUE, we need to Trim the bach avail side of the head hair to Grade 1, with 2 to 3 weeks growing hair with grow back to it looks normal.

Is there any special treatment I have to use after the procedure is done?

There is absolutely no requirement for any special product to help transplanted hair after the procedure. Unlike drug therapies, for the rest of your life your transplanted hair behaves naturally. That is the beauty of an H.T.I. Islamabad procedure. H.T.I. Islamabad gives unwavering attention to minor details through each step of the procedure. First, selecting the proper donor area with the Densitometer, is paramount. Second, we avoid damage to the hairs, nerves, and vessels by using Depth Control instruments. Third, we prepare follicular units used for transplanting under magnification. This allows us to save the tiny sebaceous glands required for healthy, shiny hair for the rest of your life. Last, we place the follicular units in the thinning or balding area using a depth control technique which assures maximum survival and healthy growth of hair. During the first ten days after the procedure, for faster recovery, monoxides and vitamins can be used to promote speedy growth of hair.

Will I ever lose the transplanted hair?

The transplanted hair is permanent. They will continue to grow for the rest of your life. The transplanted hairs are taken from the back or side of the scalp. They have a different genetic makeup than the already lost hair and are genetically permanent. Once they have moved to the thinning or balding area they will continue to grow for the rest of your life.

Will the grafted hair fall out?

No. The grafts never fall out. The grafts are trimmed before being transplanted. After being transplanted they look like the size of an unshaven face after a week. Within a few weeks most of the hair stubs fall out. The actual grafts, which are inside the scalp, go through a six-week process of a healing resting phase. After this dormant phase, hair starts growing from these grafts, and will grow for the rest of your life. The average growth is half an inch per month. In six months your hair can be styled the way you like.

Do you require a blood test?

Yes. This is important for your safety. We perform a blood test to identify any bleeding tendencies or active medical problems. This is to protect your health.

Can I shower and wash my hair after the procedure?

The answer is yes; however, you must be very gentle with your transplanted hair for the first week after surgery. After the 10 days of surgery you will be able to resume your regular shampooing routine

Once the hair grows in will it follow the flow of my hair?

After the healing phase, once the transplanted hair starts growing, they grow exactly at the same rate as your other hair grows. Remember that these are your own hairs and they have the same genetic makeup.

Can I work out after my procedure?

Yes. Routine workouts can be resumed after one week. If your workout includes heavy weightlifting or swimming, we recommend that you wait longer and resume exercise after two weeks.

How soon can I start the procedure?

Once you reached an informed decision to have surgery, we can set an appointment to have it performed within a few days.

REFERENCES AND COST (Do you guarantee your work?)

We guarantee our work. It is that simple. It is more than a promise. These are words by which we live. That is why we do not have any unhappy patients. Our commitment to you is ongoing service after your transplant to assure your complete, continued satisfaction.

Do you have any referrals I can speak with about their experience?

Yes. We have a list of patients who would love to help answer any question best answered from a patient’s perspective. Since they have already gone through all the phases, they can give you an informed opinion about their experience and their personal results.

Do you have any pictures I can review?

We are very appreciative of existing clients who have permitted us to share their pictures with future patients. These pictures are very helpful in your making a well-informed decision.

How are you different from other hair transplant clinics?

At H.T.I. Islamabad we use today’s state-of-the-art hair transplant procedure. Like the depth control techniques that changed the way donor grafts are harvested, done without damaging blood vessels and nerves. This lead to faster healing and no damage to existing donor hairs.
We use Expansion Techniques to provide the natural density in one procedure.
We prepare grafts by looking at a high-resolution LCD screen. Doing so enables us to avoid any damage to the individual follicular unit and its glands. This provides a more vibrant and healthy hair transplant.

We must stress that even this state-of-the-art surgery is incomplete if it is not combined with artistry. In hair restoration, recreating the hairline requires understanding of the facial proportions, angles and ratios for various components of the face and a lifetime of study. Dr. Humayun Mohmand developed a unique arithmetic system for designing your new hairline, bringing back symmetry, harmony, and proportions to your unique facial features. H.T.I. Islamabad is known for Dr. Humayun Mohmand’s aesthetic hairline artistic ability. Having restored the beauty of a natural looking hairline to so many patients, Dr. Humayun Mohmand can assure you that your procedure will be exactly right for your face.

How much does it cost? How much is it per graft?

The cost of the Hair Transplant procedure varies depending on how many grafts are needed and it also depends upon whether or not it is a corrective surgery due to prior transplants. We offer a free complimentary consultation. During the consultation, the Consultant will evaluate you and suggest the number of recommended grafts including the total price. You will get the best value for excellent quality and outstanding services. For those who need to have previous work altered and recreated the price is necessarily higher, but we feel the results are astonishing and well worth the cost.

Why are your prices so much lower than other physicians?

In the past this type of surgery was reserved for the rich and famous. The prices used to be unaffordable for the average person. We feel that hair loss robs one of their youthful appearance and attractive facial proportions. Hair restoration surgery should be a basic consideration, and not considered a vanity. In Pakistan the operating cost and taxes are low as compare to west; so the same thing we pass on to our valued costumers without compromising on quality. That is why H.T.I. Islamabad offers the world’s highest quality at an affordable prices.

Do I get any medication after the procedure? Is this included in the cost?

Yes. You will need an antibiotic and anti-swelling medication for five days after the procedure. Pain medication is recommended for the first three days only. There is usually no pain after the third day. The prescribed medication, which costs around Rs. 400/= (US $7), is not included in the cost of the procedure.

Do you require a deposit when you schedule the procedure?

Yes, when you schedule your surgery, Rs.10, 000 is required as a deposit. If you cancel your scheduled day with at least 72 hours notice to our offices, you are able to receive a full refund or you can credit the existing deposit towards your new scheduled procedure day.

CREDENTIALS AND LEGAL MATTERS (What are the doctor's credentials?)

Dr. Humayun Muhammad is cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon (FRCS. Edinburgh) and is capable of doing super mega session of 3000 above grafts even an Asian patients, He is Specialist in most natural looking hair line. Dr.Humayun Muhammad is the only Cosmetic surgeon with 6 International Scientific Publications.


  • I did my hair transplant from HTI Islamabad. The treatment was conducted by himself Dr. Humayun. Treatment was conducted good with best results. Thank you HTI Islamabad for your treatment.

    Rana Naveed Ul Hassan
    Pakistani Cricketer (Medium Fast Bowler Right Arm Bowler)
  • Dr. Humayun Mohmand is one of the top surgeons of the world and my good friend . He is professional in his field and did my hair transplantation. I was satisfied by his treatment and thats why Dr. Humayun is famous all over the world.

    Haroon Rasheed
    X-Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (X-Cricketer Pakistan Cricket Team)
  • My name is Saeed Ajmal and i restored my hair from Hair Transplant Institute Islamabad. Thank you HTI for restoring my hair.

    Saeed Ajmal
    Famous Pakistani Right Arm Spin Bowler


  • As an actor i need to do my hair transplant after my hair loss. Its necessary for an actor to have good looks. I had chosen Hair Transplant Institute Islamabad.. I had attained good results and now i am satisfied.

    Ajab Gul
    Actor (Pakistani Movies)
  • By profession i am a hockey player. I lost my hair and think to do hair transplant. When i ask my friends and colleagues they prefer me to Dr. Humayun. I did 3000 grafts and results were awesome.

    Mansoor Ahmed
    Hockey Player (Pakistan Hockey Team Keeper)


  • I did my Hair transplant from Hair Transplant Institute Islamabad, treatment was satisfactory and results were good. Thank you HTI for restoring my hair regards: Wajahat Ullah Wasti .

    Wajahat Ullah Wasti
    X-Pakistani Cricketer
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    M.B.B.S (AMC,PAK) FRCSEd, (EDINBURGH) FISHRS, Fellow of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (U.S.A) Faculty Member European Society of Hair Restoration (EU) ABHRS, American Board of Hair Restorative Surgeons (USA) Faculty Member Orlando Live Surgery Workshop (USA) AAAM, American Association of Aesthetic Medicine (USA) Cosmetic Laser Specialist (UK) Cosmetic Hair Transplant Surgeon (USA)
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